3 new members join EESTEL early May 2016!

In early May 2016, the EESTEL Association is pleased to welcome among its members the GIM-UEMOA, IDEAS CONSULT and ANTELOP PAYMENT SOLUTIONS.

Who are they ?

GIM-UEMOA: Reform of systems and means of payment in the UEMOA zone (Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa) initiated in 1999 by the central bank in the African West (BCEAO) has resulted in the emergence of the interbank Electronic banking group « GIM-UEMOA » in 2003, for the management of the interbank electronic banking in all its réglemmentaires and operational dimensions. Learn more about the GIM

IDEAS CONSULT: Young company founded in February 2016 by Emmanuel Petit, IDEAS CONSULT specializes in payment systems, the digital and development internationnal. EESTEL hopes to share experiences rewarding employees IDEAS.

ANTELOP PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: company founded by Nicolas Benady, ANTELOP PAYMENT provides a comprehensive set of services to mobile payments. Including an application respecting the Visa Ready standard and each server component for bank information systems. Read more

EESTEL now has 64 members comprennant functional experts but also major players in the Bank.

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