EESTEL presentation

The EESTEL association, founded in 1998, gathers today 65 members and builds upon three core principles:

  • A federated network of experts in secure transactions systems,
  • A wide spectrum of business skills,
  • A fully independent position.

The richness of the exchanges held during our meetings is based on a sharing of expertise and experience, between SMEs and experts, associate members and a user college, in charge of with feeding the reflections with the needs arising from the field.

The association is aiming at three major goals:

  • Stimulating value-added exchanges between members
    • Through debates and workshops during our monthly meetings
    • Through a collaborative space on the Internet
    • Disseminating collective intelligence
  • Independent analyzis of the topicality of electronic transactions
    • Active participation in public debates: CNNum, FrenchTech, H2020, etc.
  • Valuing the expertise of EESTEL experts
    • A wide range of technical training (NFC, HCE, Tokenisation, IoT, etc.)
    • Organizing conferences on technological offers
    • Referencing of the expertise of the members to the contractors

Our members have global and diverse skills:

  • Technologies & card/mobile service architectures
  • Technical, business and legal expertises
  • Electronic payment, ticketing, e-Id, etc.
  • Systems & transactions security
  • Privacy, data protection