EESTEL was institutional partner and member of the Scientific Committee of the FIC 2016

The EESTEL Association was present at the 8th Internationnale Cybersecurity Forum on 25 and 26 January 2016 in Lille. As a member of the Scientific Committee of the FIC, EESTEL contributed to the process of reflection and exchanges to promote a European vision of cybersecurity. This year the 2016 edition FIC was interested in the data, their security and privacy. 8 axes structured the event:

– Data, digital processing fuel;

– The control of data, issue of sovereignty;

– Data, a threatened capital;

– Right and data;

– What data security strategy for companies?

– What technologies to secure data?

– Data and sectoral issues;

– Societal and Ethical Issues related to data.

To mark the event EESTEL 4 members were present on a stand in partnership with the CGPME and Cinov-IT:

LIC, Cryptosense, Ionosys and HTS Consulting Experts.

EESTEL also expanded its presence at the forum through the appointment of Cryptosense for « prize for innovative SMEs » and the television appearance of Eric Laurent Ricard on the subject « Forensic or E-discovery: how to deal with legal privilege & personal information? « 

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