The Association of European Experts in E-Transactions Systems



  • EESTEL: a unique Expertise of the entire transactional chain


EESTEL is the Association of European Experts in E-Transactions Systems. It was born in 1998 from the Gathering of its Founding Members and from the Requirement from big Organisms to find Expertise and Experience within a wide and independent Judgment Structure. EESTEL contributes to promote and standardize the State of Art in E-Transactions.

EESTEL Experts have been leading important Development and Certification projects, in fields like E-Payment Systems, E-Ticketing, Dematerialization, E-identity, Smart Cards and Mobile Ecosystems …Their know-how is enhanced by efficient Tools and they operate worldwide.

EESTEL Legitimacy relies on the respect of its founding Principles:

  • The excellence of a federated Network of E-Transactions Specialists, including Smartcard, Mobiles, Terminals, Networks, Transactions and Systems Security, and Acquisition, Issuing and Authorization Systems
  • Complementary Specialties covering a large Spectrum: Service Architecture, Business Approach, Technologies and technical Architectures, Project Management, Testing, Approval, Certification
  • A total independence from any financial or industrial Group.

EESTEL is currently gathering together 54 Members, representing more than 1,500 years of Expertise.

EESTEL is an active member of ISCAN.


  • The services provided by EESTEL to its Members



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