Why join us?

EESTEL était présentaux rencontres du Club Sepale 2 février 2016


[accordions] [accordion title= »Share a vision » load= »hide »]Joining EESTEL is joining a network of experts on electronic transaction systems and sharing your experience in a global structure with independent judgment.
Each member learns from the experience of others and brings his vision in his area of expertise.[/accordion] [accordion title= »Contribute to the E-transaction growth » load= »hide »]EESTEL promotes the state of the art through the evolution in usage, services, technology and through the societal and legal views.
Each member participates at his level in this effort. This participation can take several forms:

  • Register to working groups and participate in physical meeting or remotely
  • Develop or contribute white papers, briefing notes and any publication to the association
  • Enrich the common documentation available to all members
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Join EESTEL is also participating in:
  • Monthly meetings in Paris
  • Working groups
  • Workshops / panel discussions (on average two workshops per month)
  • White Papers
  • Large format events (conferences, round tables, technical workshop …)
  • Training through a catalog (essential and deepening)
  • The development of common projects
  • Personal and common valuation through our communication media
  • The development of its network through our overlapping memberships
  • A centralized reference documentation and provision
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So if you feel involved with secure transactions, you want to enhance your experience and contribute to the ecosystem, please join us!

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