Discover "The FinTech revolution," the new book by Regis Bouyala expert EESTEL – Published March 17, 2016 

The FinTech, pertussis or revolution?

This avatar in the financial area of digital disruption he will really upset the cozy world of banking, custody account to savings, through the means of payment and financing?
« The FinTech revolution » aims to capture the essence of this phenomenon, combining analytical approach – with a panorama of the FinTech companies and their competitiveness factors – development and strategic perspective, including assessment of their impact on the ecosystem of the bank and the short and medium term finance.
The FinTech revolution
Régis Bouyala
Coll. Essentials Bank
and Finance
RB Publishing, 128 pages, € 20.50
ISBN: 978-2-86325-757-9
On sale in bookshops from March 17, 2016