Instant Payment in the heart of the thinking of experts EESTEL

Tuesday, January 19, 2016, experts have treated the theme « Instant Payment » which followed the Annual General Meeting.
This theme, led by Jean-Luc Garnier, Bureau member, brought in Gerald Fay expert EESTEL / Pole Consulting and Sylvie CALSACY Worldline.

Instant Payment, plus an acceleration …

Concepts, scope, and implementation initiatives
Technology Overview Instant Payment, current initiatives
technical and organizational impact on the payment infrastructure
Control and security of instant payment: what impact?
Roundtable members and intervention EESTEL
Gerald Fay (Consulting Division) introduced the subject by presenting the mechanisms underlying the concept and history of initiatives showing that about which news is more urgent is not quite new and the trend is accelerating worldwide over the past decades. His presentation also describes the main reasons for the evolution to Instant Payment and key challenges that financial institutions will have to meet to enroll in this evolution. input keys on a few panoramas and comparative made by various firms were presented.
Sylvie CALSACY (Worldline) then presented the expected technical developments of infrastructure and launched a reflection on the capacity of clearing houses to follow this evolution. To date, no clearing of treats mode transactions « Instant Payment » within the eurozone.
A key question for her is the ability to manage cash flow generated snapshots, Instant Payment also profoundly changing labor treasurers: what is the « real » accounting day? Indeed, the immediacy and the 24/7 mode removes the concept of day.
Rich exchange then took place between experts
The fight against fraud will certainly strengthen the mechanisms tokenization, which seems unavoidable. The IBAN will be defrauded, as is now the PAN, since its « value » increases. Strengthening security could be brought by the knowledge of the mobile phone number of the debtor, but it will also secure the correlation between IBAN and telephone number …
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